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While many of us are focusing on our physical health in the current climate, there is no doubt that our financial health also requires our attention.People who can confidently manage their money and plan their spend are financially well. Being in control of what you spend, save, borrow and plan for means you're well positioned to:
  • Pay bills on time and spend within your means
  • Deal with unexpected expenses
  • Handle your borrowings comfortably
  • Plan for and meet your long-term goals.
The Financial Wellbeing review is designed to help you assess how well prepared you are to meet your financial needs by providing a moment-in-time snapshot of your Financial Wellbeing. The review shows indicators of financial health which align with four components - Spend, Save, Borrow, Plan.

About Kevin Daly:

Kevin is a graduate of DCU specialising in International Economics and is a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA). Kevin has managed business, corporate, institutional and personal customer relationships with Bank of Ireland having worked as a Corporate Banker, Foreign Exchange Trader and now Senior Financial Advisor.
He takes pleasure in helping people plan their life goals and in turn finding suitable vehicles to get them to their final destination.
“For me it’s all about you the customer, no goal is too big or small let’s ask ourselves the right questions and take actions to help you get there”