Cyber Security for Everyone with Vertical StructureA Zoom Link will be sent directly to your registered email.
In a world where data leaks are a regular occurrence - in addition to phishing scams and social engineering attempts to access your details - it is vital that we inform and protect ourselves both personally and professionally.
The vast majority of cyber attacks originate when a staff member clicks on an unsafe link or attachment. With cyber threats constantly changing, automated email security programmes only go so far to eliminate bad links.
That’s why, for an organisation to be wholly secure, all levels of staff need to have an awareness of cyber security. This overview of cyber security and social engineering is ideal for staff members who are in non-technical roles, outside of the IT department.
About Simon
Simon provides security services & security training to organisations of all sizes, his strong background in both development & System/Network Administration provides a great view on how best to both compromise and secure required services & applications.
The majority of his work involves working with companies to perform penetration & security testing, test and improve secure coding practices and provide security consultancy to companies that are keen to improve their processes & procedures.
Simon has great experience in developing & implementing efficient and effective practices across all sections of an organisation to assist with securing and retaining external quality recognition such as ISO27001, CyberEssentials and CSA STAR.
Simon's aim is to help your company to understand their current security posture, their future goals and outlining how to achieve those goals. This includes working with companies on a long-term basis using coaching and mentoring techniques to help drive process improvement and provide external feedback.