Effective Communcation with Treacy O'Connor

About this event

Communication in the workplace can be challenging. The ability to communicate with people is the most significant skill in an organisation. There are many barriers to effective communication. Nevertheless, these communication barriers can be managed if you know and understand the challenges. The aim of this workshop is to assist the participants in gaining competence and understanding in applying best practice in such circumstances. On completion, participants will be able to understand how communication works, body language, verbal, non-verbals, listening, timing, barriers to effective communication and have the skills necessary to handle difficult conversations.

About Treacy O'Connor
As lead on Meditation, Mindfulness and Team Building with Corporate Wellness, Treacy is passionate about building bridges between our professional and personal, reminding us of our humanness, improving our ability to connect with ourselves internally, so we can reach our full potential, and externally, with each other so we can achieve more productive, sustainable and inspiring collaborations. Treacy combines hands on experience in sales, marketing, management and communications on many levels, combined with her passion for self development and sustainable relationships, bringing her experience of 20 years studying and practising mindfulness, focussed thinking, facilitation, and many forms of spirituality to Corporate Wellness Ireland clients in the relationship management, personal development and team building workshops.