In this workshop we’ll be covering the strategies required to get your team excited for the next chapter! With the emergent change that has taken place since the Pandemic began, now is a great opportunity to consider your organisation’s culture strategy.
We want you to get excited about this and share that excitement with your team. We’ll facilitate a discussion around the importance of your Vision and Core Values and how they are a vital part of your business.

About Core Impact

Core Impact was born out of the love of working with people and watching them excel. We have a combined 24 years management experience in leading multi award winning teams and a track record of year on year profit increases. Our unique leadership approach has been the foundation of success that can be brought to any organisation.
Our coaches Seán and John Paul worked in the same management team for most of their careers. Throughout this time they have forged an excellent relationship built on knowledge, experience and positive mindset. They have developed proven systems and processes built upon their Impact Success Model, to deliver positive outputs. This has been evidenced by the success of the individuals and businesses they have worked with.